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Automating employee happiness

Posted by Emil Hajric on May 1st, 2014

It's hard to tell someone that they’re creating an impact, because just telling them so isn’t enough.
How do you actually motivate someone? Motivation, it turns out, is internal happiness unreleased. Motivation happens when inside you’re happy, but you don’t tell anyone about it; you focus that energy into whatever it is you want to achieve.
So how do you create internal happiness with your employees? I think it’s simple: Surprise them. More specifically, let yourcustomers surprise them.
At Helpjuice we have only two employees, yet we’ve helped our customers save over 10,000 support tickets from being created and making sure THEIR customers get an INSTANT answer, in the past month. The data alone is nice, but as raw data it’s probably not going to create happiness. So what I do is repackage that data into tangible accomplishments and send it out to the team when they’re not expecting it, along with a thoughtful gift. Here’s an example:

From: Emil
To: Amar
Subject: You kick ass
Amar, you are awesome. You worked heavily on Indeed’s and AppCubby’s knowledge base. You’re now helping them save $5000+ every month. I know you love football, so please enjoy a Raiders game next Sunday on me (tickets attached) as a small token of my appreciation for the work you do.Make your employees happy. Make their productivity go up by 200% (it worked with us). What is it that your Amar likes, and what interesting value did they help to create for your customers?

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