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A Blueprint on How to Plan Your Internal Knowledge Base

Freebie: Zero to HERO with knowledge bases! Years of working with THOUSANDS of customers!Get your free copy now: Success! Your juice is on it's way! 🙂 There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address Send me a free glass of juice right now! DOWNLOAD You can unsubscribe at any time! ATTENTION: This is not a regular blog post. This is a BLUEPRINT on how to do your own internal knowledge base plan or… well… blueprint 🙂

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5 Quick Tips How to Optimize Your Knowledge Base

  Once upon a time (but not so long ago): Yahoo and AltaVista used to be the the places where you would search for something online until Google came. Everyone was socializing on the internet using fake names until Facebook came. We were connecting to the internet listening contagious chords of dial-up modems until ADSL and WiFi came. Everyone was browsing the internet from desktop computers until smartphones came. OK, stop! What the heck does this have to do with

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How to plan your external knowledge base content

Listen up colonels. I’m Mustafa, the brigadier general, and I have an order from major general Emil to brief you on how to make a perfect knowledge base plan of attack! Your mission- listen to my briefing and then go apply it to your soldiers in a combat situation. Mission starts in ~ 5 minutes after this brief … It’s not all about the hard work. You know the story. If you want to drop down a tree and you have two

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Engaging Your Employees To Contribute To Your Knowledge Base

… & Building A Knowledge Base To Boost Up Employee Engagement What if you could use your knowledge base for engaging your employees to do their jobs with more passion and motivation? If your company is struggling with employee engagement, you are not alone. Thousands of businesses already have the same problem. According to a study conducted by Gallup Poll more than 70% of U.S. employees feel MISERABLE at their workplace. The main reason: lack of proper engagement and bad

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Hacked: How & When To Use Emojis In Customer Support

John, is that you? (ok, maybe your name isn’t John) But surely you want to make an impression like John did here. You’ve dealt with an angry customer of two? Then you’ll know this fact … …Every customer is a small puppy and a fierce lion at the same time. It all depends on the way YOU approach him/her. Tweet this quote You’ve got this “fierce lion” side of a customer at least once? Then read on … we might

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Why Customers STOP Using Your Knowledge Base!

Truth is, way too many knowledge bases end up being like the left out kid from gym class where customers completely stop using them! The question is: Why exactly? Out of all the countless encounters with knowledge bases, our team and I have managed to compile the main points for why knowledge bases fail. This is obviously the last thing you’d want happening to your KB – so let’s explore the reasons behind it! 1) Polishing Up the Content to

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3 External API’s To Super-Power Your Knowledge Base!

Ever thought about how powerful external API’s can be in super-powering your knowledge base? Sounds crazy, but it’s actually a huge advantage in today’s business world where knowledge bases are hard to keep up to date and get sufficient feedback on when users rather call customer support than reading written content online. I started googling around and thinking about how API’s from other companies can be used in creative ways as an advantage for knowledge bases. The results were rather

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Top 4 Experts in Customer Service Share Advice

With so many ups and downs and room for mistakes – customer service can be quite tricky to master. Reviewing and learning from your personal mistakes is one thing, but getting advice and learning from the top experts in customer service – is something else! The people sharing their advice below have either been voted as the Top 30 Customer Service Professionals or Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros, while some of them have been regarded as both! So

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4 Bulletproof UX-Hacks To Skyrocket Your Knowledge Base

One of the first questions I had when I started working for HelpJuice was: What exactly are the best design practices of a knowledge base that just makes it so GOOD? Why do some KB’s appeal to me while others make me want to raise a cross and beg them in Jesus’ name to disappear? The UX-principles I came up with (through HUNDREDS of hours of research and conversations with the team) were not only good on their own but

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Finding Out What Your Customers REALLY Feel About You!

Do you know that for every customer that even bothers to complain and tell you “what’s wrong” – a staggering 26 others choose to remain silent? Customer feedback isn’t something that grows like apples on trees and falls on your doorstep. It’s not something you ‘expect’ from your customer, but something that you earn. Acquiring good feedback from your customers will grant you the super-wizard’s knowledge of: Knowing exactly what might not be “working” properly with your product. Understanding, from good

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