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4 Bulletproof UX-Hacks To Skyrocket Your Knowledge Base

Freebie: Zero to HERO with knowledge bases! Years of working with THOUSANDS of customers!Get your free copy now: Success! Your juice is on it's way! 🙂 There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address Send me a free glass of juice right now! DOWNLOAD You can unsubscribe at any time! One of the first questions I had when I started working for HelpJuice was: What exactly are the best design practices of a knowledge base that

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Finding Out What Your Customers REALLY Feel About You!

Do you know that for every customer that even bothers to complain and tell you “what’s wrong” – a staggering 26 others choose to remain silent? Customer feedback isn’t something that grows like apples on trees and falls on your doorstep. It’s not something you ‘expect’ from your customer, but something that you earn. Acquiring good feedback from your customers will grant you the super-wizard’s knowledge of: Knowing exactly what might not be “working” properly with your product. Understanding, from good

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Small Gestures That Make Your Customer Go “WOW” With Satisfaction!

Wouldn’t we all love it if our customers ran around like headless chickens spreading amazing things about our services?   Of course, of course, we don’t want our customers to be headless … but how do we achieve that last part? On the question “How do your customers find out about your business”, Verizon conducted a survey with small business owners that showed a staggering 85% of the customers come from word of mouth, whereas only 59% resulted from search engines. But

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Dr. StrangeService: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Customer

Man, I absolutely HATE it when I call customer service and this monotonic robot-like voice answers me almost going “You just made my day worse, how can I help you?”, and then silently sits there punching on that keyboard like he wants to break right through it. I mean, why don’t you drag me down with you while you’re at it? It’s like talking on a freaking suicide hotline. What’s worse is that it makes me never want to call

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Seconds from Death: What It Taught Me About Customer Experience

“This might be my last flight, ever.” – I said to myself, flying last month from Istanbul To NYC. The turbulence was horrible; the plane’s altitude dropped several times, all in portions where people would panic. Babies were crying, people praying. It was quite the experience. It’s not something I’d describe as horrible, as events like these, you don’t think about how horrible it is, you’re just hoping to stay alive. There was some aircraft failure, and we needed to

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What is Knowledge Management?

Do you know that companies who apply knowledge management, on average, increase their efficiency in productivity and strengthen their innovative skills by a higher-than-average rate? Do you feel as if you’d like to speed up your productivity and push your company forward by simply changing up your routine a little bit? Is it crazy to say that an easy six-step outline can help you do that very thing? It doesn’t cost you anything and it only takes five minutes of

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4 Mind-Blowing Metrics On Short vs Lengthy Knowledge Base Articles

  This post is part of our series of blog posts where we compare actual Helpjuice data, in hopes to help folks with improving their knowledge base. After analyzing millions of data points, throughout Helpjuice’s Actual Database, we’ve found some very, what we believe is, fascinating facts. This post will focus on the question of: Article word length: Does size matter? We took in consideration two data points: articles with under 400 words, and articles over 400 words. Which one

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Customer Service: 4 Things Today’s Companies Get Right

There’s a lot to be said for great customer service. Companies that get it right go on to achieve legendary status as household names – think Zappos and LLBean. Companies that don’t tend to suffer the wrath of the social sphere, where one false move can damage their reputation in a ripple-effect throughout the web. Although we can’t (and shouldn’t) copy the “good guys”, we can still learn a great deal from them. There are some things we can learn

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10 SHOCKING Stats About Customer Service

Many times companies believe adjusting prices will make a significant difference, when in fact 86% of customers would actually pay more for better customer service. We all know that customer service can have a huge impact on your business and there are a ton of metrics out there, so we’ve compiled a simple, tweet-sized list of the top 10 shocking stats about customer service; 1) The amount of money US Enterprises lose because of poor customer service is enough to

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INFOGRAPHIC: Best And Worst Industries By Customer Support/Satisfaction

Did you know that the Credit Card industry is $154.9 billion big? Or that their insurance industry is responsible for 6.9% of the global GDP. Yet they both have 1 thing in common: they’re both ranked one of the worst industries, by customer support/satisfaction. I find this fascinating as it really presents a huge opportunity for companies that actually DO care about customer satisfaction much more than their competitors. A lot of times, when customers are presented with bad customer

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